Iftex Clean System D for All Diesel Cars (250 ml)

₹ 300.00
Item details
Part Type Fuel Additive
Brand Iftex
Part Number P6OF2

IFTEX Clean System D is a premium multifunctional diesel fuel additive, with outstanding clean-up and keep-clean properties. Most convenient to use by adding to the fuel tank in the recommended proportion. Designed to keep the fuel system free of performance inhibiting deposits.


  • Recommended for all modern diesel engines operating under high driving stress.
  • Recommended for all vehicles equipped with direct or indirect injection fuel systems.


  • Cleans the fuel injector system of gum and carbon deposits, without taking it apart.
  • Maintains injector spray pattern.
  • Improves drivability.
  • Restores engine performance and lost engine power.
  • Reduces emissions.
  • Ensures significant increase in the service life of the fuel injection system.

Directions For Use:

Remove cap. Squeeze lightly till the dispenser fills till the 10 ml mark. Add to fuel tank before filling fuel. Use 1 ml per litre of Diesel.