Cobra EVO I Coilover Kit - Height Adjustable for Maruti Suzuki Swift I

₹ 104999.00
Item details
Part Type Coilovers
Brand Cobra Suspension
Part Number P6SP399

With Cobra Suspension EVO I coilovers, you can improve the driving characteristics of your vehicle in addition to the looks. This goes a step further than just replacing the original springs. With Cobra EVO I coilovers you can adjust the balance of your car by fine-tuning the weight distribution. By properly adjusting your vehicle, you can make great improvements in the character of your cars chassis and handling.

The ride quality is firm but forgiving and ideal for fast road use.

Height adjustable from 35mm to 70mm (front) and 40mm to 65mm (rear).

Cobra EVO I Coilover Kit Benefits

  • Reduced body roll
  • Sharper steering response
  • Less nose dive under braking
  • Faster direction changes

Cobra EVO I Coilover Kit Features

  • Height adjustable
  • Firm ride quality suitable for fast road use
  • Twin-tube shock absorber design
  • Short heavy duty piston rods

Cobra EVO I Coilover Kit Contents

  • 4 x Coilover units, Galvanised to help prevent corrosion
  • 1 x Adjuster Spanner

The images are a respresentation of this item. The actual item may vary in appearance for your specific vehicle.

This part fits the following vehicles
Sales period
Engine displacement (cc)
Maruti Suzuki
Swift I (2005-2011)
1.3 (Petrol)
2005 - 2010
Maruti Suzuki
Swift I (2005-2011)
1.3 (Diesel)
2007 - 2011
Maruti Suzuki
Swift I (2005-2011)
1.2 (Petrol)
2010 - 2011