EBC Brakes DP413382R Rear Yellowstuff Brake Pads Set

₹ 8491.00
Item details
Part Type Brake Pads
Brand EBC Brakes
Part Number DP413382R
Fitting Position Rear

EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are high performance brake pads that are best suited for racing events. This is the most aggressive compound that EBC makes, used around the world in many racing series. A long lasting, fade resistent, racing brake pad that will give you the performance you're looking for.

They're made from a full race material and are capable of high-temperature use, with a very good wear life. Their "bite" from cold is superb—uncommon with race materials, which normally require warming-up—making these pads safe for use on the highway, as well as on the race track. EBC pads deliver increased stopping power for your performance race machine or your demanding SUV.

Usage Note:

Yellowstuff pads should not be used when low dust and quiet performance is required. 

Yellowstuff pads can be used on the street if you are willing to sacrifice clean wheels and quiet stops, for added braking performance from your stock rotors.

This part fits the following vehicles
Sales period
Engine displacement (cc)
Abarth 595 (2008-Present)
1.4 (Petrol)
2008 - Present