EBC Brakes DP82081RP1 Front RP1 Racing Brake Pads Set

Item details
Part Type Brake Pads
Brand EBC Brakes
Part Number DP82081RP1
Fitting Position Front

EBC Brakes – RP-1 Full Race Brake Pads

EBC’s highest performing friction level ever

Developed from the ground up as a focussed track day and race pad, RP-1 sets a new high-water mark in EBC’s 35-year history making world class brake pads.

By adopting a no-compromise approach coupled with cutting-edge organic friction chemistry, RP-1 shows just what’s achievable when EBC’s engineers were let off the leash and given the simple mandate ‘develop the highest performing pad, money no object’. RP-1 is the pinnacle of 3 years R&D, 1,000’s hours dyno testing, 100’s laps of UK circuits with EBC’s development Nissan GT-R and unanimous approval by club-race teams across the UK.

RP-1 Racing Brake Pads

After two years of research and testing, EBC Brakes launches its flagship race pad material to complete the line-up of performance and track pads currently offered – called RP-1.

Made 100% in the EBC Brakes Bristol UK facility from a Carbon Kevlar blend of materials, capable of temperatures and stability rarely seen in performance brakes. The pads feature:

  • True Race performance to highest race temps
  • Longer wear life under race conditions
  • Stable and repeatable braking lap after lap
  • Stainless steel back-plates (no paint)
  • Revolutionary Nucap NRS system hook pad retention
  • Kind to brake discs/rotors


RP-1 Technology:

Superb modulation gives the driver unprecedented control and feel throughout the braking event.

All RP-1 pads come thermally-bedded, eliminating ‘early life’ fade and making them a true ‘plug and play’ track pad.

Extremely low wear rate, rivalling the best endurance race pads available in todays market, often costing double or even triple the price.

EBC’s world-first stainless-steel backplates, reducing heat conduction through the pad and helping to lower brake hydraulic temperatures.

Unlike most semi-metallic race pads, RP-1 relies on advanced organic friction technology and contains a low steel-fibre content, making it very kind on brake discs without sacrificing pad wear itself.- Unlike most semi-metallic race pads, RP-1 relies on advanced organic friction technology and contains a low steel-fibre cont

For more information on RP-1 and to view the planned range, please visit the RP-1 page on the EBC website.

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This part fits the following vehicles
Sales period
Engine displacement (cc)
A5 (8T) (2010-2017)
RS5 quattro (Petrol)
2010 - 2017
A6 (C7) (2010-2018)
RS6 quattro (Petrol)
2013 - 2018
A7 (4GA, 4GF) (2010-2018)
RS7 performance quattro (Petrol)
2015 - 2018
A7 (4GA, 4GF) (2010-2018)
RS7 quattro (Petrol)
2013 - 2018