Brembo P85164X Front Xtra Brake Pads Set

Item details
Part Type Brake Pads
Brand Brembo
Part Number P85164X
Fitting Position Front


Pedal feeling

Perfect brake pedal precision for a total control over the braking action that fully gives the sports driving pleasure.


The compound has been studied for a road sports use. Performance and comfort are always assured even during the most demanding use.


The best assurance for a consistent and safe braking action is when the performance is kept constant, both during the high temperature cycles as well as during the cold ones that follow.

Friction stability

A friction coefficient that remains stable under all usage conditions assures an even temperature and pressure distribution thus preventing hot spots from forming on the braking surface and therefore vibrations.

Less wear and clean rims

The many road and bench tests that have been carried out have all highlighted a relevant reduction of the wear for the Max and Xtra discs. This also for the friction material when compared with the results achieved with standard pads that aren't developed for this use. A reduced wear of the friction components and the corresponding reduction of the dust emissions assure that the rims will be cleaner compared to the standard.

Brembo Xtra Discs & Pads: Made For Each Other 

You can't just fit any fast road pads and discs together and expect the perfect result. Brembo's engineers have developed a more significant result for the driver who uses Xtra Discs and Pads together.

One key to this is the BRM X L01 material - a unique compound of over 30 components put together in the research lab, and tested across a range of driving conditions. Xtra brake pads go through a 'scorching' treatment which pre-emptively eliminates gases that can lead to brake fade and loss of efficiency.

The outcome is this: Brembo Xtra brake pads perform consistently during high and low temperature braking cycles, with a constant brake friction coefficient.

But it's not only the material that enhances the performance, it's what happens when the design and structure of the discs and pads are working together.

This part fits the following vehicles
Sales period
Engine displacement (cc)
A4 (B9) (2015-Present)
2.0 TDI (Diesel)
2015 - Present