EBC Brakes BSD816 Rear Blade Slotted Brake Disc Pair

₹ 15200.00
Item details
Part Type Brake Disc
Brand EBC Brakes
Part Number BSD816
Fitting Position Rear

EBC's new brake discs with the grooved "Blade" design reduces stopping distances and is more resistant to brake fade and warping. The unique wide aperture slots in the EBC "Blade" sport disc actually draw cool air under the pad. During heavy braking, the cool air flow helps reduce brake temperatures whilst also helping to remove dirt, dust and debris from the disc surface.

EBC "Blade" Grooved Discs are directional. The sweeping grooves should be pointing to the rear of the vehicle.

A unique feature of the EBC BSD “Blade” disc is that the slots extend completely to the outer edge of the disc, which allows any dirt, dust gasses, grit or debris from heavy braking to exit the pad braking area. This ensures flat and parallel wear of the pads throughout the wear of their life and use. The high grade silicone and carbon density of the steel help reduce thermal distortion.

Benefits of EBC BSD "Blade" Grooved Discs

  • New super quiet "Blade" grooved design
  • High grade silicone and carbon steel reduce heat distortion and brake fade
  • Precision Machined and Balanced
  • Anodised Zinc finish for protection against rust
  • Reduced stopping distances
  • Superb prices!


The new BSD Brake Discs or "Blade" Sport Discs from EBC Brakes are 100% British made using GG15HC Hi Silicone and Hi Carbon cast iron alloy which has many features and benefits.

This part fits the following vehicles
Sales period
Engine displacement (cc)
Polo (6R, 6C) (2010-Present)
1.8 GTI (Petrol)
2016 - 2020