Brembo 09A5322X Front Xtra Drilled Brake Disc Pair

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Item details
Part Type Brake Disc
Brand Brembo
Part Number 09A5322X
Fitting Position Front


Stable performance, even in extreme conditions

Even at high temperatures, the Brembo Xtra brake discs combustion of the resins that help to make up the pad generates a reduced friction between brake disc and pad, whilst the holes allow for a rapid expulsion of gasses ensuring stable performance despite the high temperatures.

The grip of the drilled brake discs is significantly improved due to the engineering behind the drilled holes, resulting in a friction coefficient with optimum performance.

The size, shape, position and number of holes have been studied by Brembo technicians to ensure the highest level of braking performance, along with durability and safety.

Pad cleaning and regeneration

The holes produce a scraping effect that cleans the surface of the pad from hazardous material deposits, thus preventing that even the slightest amount of ferrous material – that come from the brake disc wear- can sediment on the friction material of the brake pad.

Wet brake performance

The holes serve to prevent water film that may form on the braking surface. Even when driving on slick roads the brake system responds effectively already at the first braking.

Brake system cooling

The presence of the holes leads to greater air circulation, resulting in improved heat dissipation capability and its increased performance.

Brembo Xtra Discs & Pads: Made For Each Other 

You can't just fit any fast road pads and discs together and expect the perfect result. Brembo's engineers have developed a more significant result for the driver who uses Xtra Discs and Pads together.

One key to this is the BRM X L01 material - a unique compound of over 30 components put together in the research lab, and tested across a range of driving conditions. Xtra brake pads go through a 'scorching' treatment which pre-emptively eliminates gases that can lead to brake fade and loss of efficiency.

The outcome is this: Brembo Xtra brake pads perform consistently during high and low temperature braking cycles, with a constant brake friction coefficient.

But it's not only the material that enhances the performance, it's what happens when the design and structure of the discs and pads are working together.

This part fits the following vehicles
Sales period
Engine displacement (cc)
Creta (2016-Present)
1.4 CRDi (Diesel)
01.2016 - Present
Creta (2016-Present)
1.6 CRDi (Diesel)
01.2016 - Present
Creta (2016-Present)
1.6 (Petrol)
01.2016 - Present